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Parent Support Survey:

Tracking parents' experience with Covid-19

Dear Parents,

Over 500 parents have responded so far, and more parents are filling it out every day. They have been sharing their experiences with the pressures of at-home schooling and the strain on their financial and psychological well-being.

We are keeping this survey active for as long as the crisis persists to track how parents' responses change over time. As more people respond, it will be possible for us to analyze the results according to factors like a family's number of children, their ages, and whether a family member has shown symptoms.

If you have filled out the survey, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. The stories you shared show just how vulnerable many families are feeling. Please share the survey with others.

If you haven't filled out the survey, please take 5 minutes to do so. The more responses we have, the more representative and meaningful these results will be.

Stay strong and safe.

Robin & Erin

Survey results so far...

How are parents coping with the psychological pressure of quarantine?

Note. All respondents filled out the survey voluntarily. All responses are anonymous. For open-ended questions, they were given the choice to keep their responses confidential. All results statistically control for household income, number of children, and children's ages. For questions, please contact us.

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