What makes this program different from others?

Our program is unique in that we take a holistic approach focusing on both parents' and children's needs. Through parent group therapy sessions and 1:1 consultations, we will address your concerns whether they be about your own well-being or about your child's development. The child play sessions are designed based on high-quality research on supporting children's play, encouraging social emotional development, and fostering key academic skills. By including both parent and child sessions, we aim to provide support for the entire family. Further, we are a team of researchers with extensive experience working with children in schools, therapeutic, and research settings. We will draw on our community to bring you top scholars, authors, and practitioners as guest speakers.

Who will lead each session?

The play sessions will be led by, Kelsey, our preschool curriculum specialist. Through her warmth and energy, she creates connections with children even in a virtual learning environment. Frances will lead the parent group therapy sessions. She's a social worker with extensive experience working with children, families, as well as teachers. Parents will have the opportunity to submit questions and concerns to her before each session directly or in a private forum. The Parent Q&A sessions will be led by Scientific Mommy Co-Founders, Erin O'Connor and Robin Neuhaus. Erin is a professor at New York University and the Director of NYU's Early Childhood Education program. Robin is a doctoral student and has worked with preschools and research groups in Madrid, Copenhagen, St. Louis, and New York.

How long will each session last?

The parent group therapy sessions will be held every two weeks and will last about an hour. Afterwards, Frances (our team's social worker) will send out a summary of the discussion. The length of the play sessions will be about 30 minutes. We have found that keeping the sessions short and sweet helps keep children engaged. These sessions will be held twice per week.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! There is no cancellation fee. However, please be aware that we do not offer refunds. If you would like to cancel your membership, please do so before you are charged your monthly fee.

What are the referral codes?

If you refer Strong Foundations to a friend and they sign up, then both you and your friend will receive a 50% off discount code that can be applied to a private consultation with any of our team members.

What are the 1:1 consultations?

Private consultations are perfect for members seeking information about a specific concern whether it be about behavior, ADHD, anxiety, or anything else you would like to discuss. Members can also book a session with our preschool curriculum specialist if they would like their child to have extra 1:1 time with her. Members can choose to reserve a session with any of our team members including our preschool curriculum specialist, social worker, child psychologist, or either of our founders.

How many children will be in each session?

We will limit the number of children in each play session to five. We want to make sure that children have opportunities to participate, interact with the other children, and bond with their teacher.

Will sessions be recorded?

We will record guest speaker sessions and post these recordings for you to view at your convenience. However, due to privacy concerns we will not publish recordings of parent group therapy sessions or play sessions.