Where are parents turning to for support?
And what support are they missing?


of parents feel they have a support network.


of parents have found the resources being shared online to be helpful.


of parents said that their local government was sharing helpful information with them.


of parents feel supported by their child's school system.


of children have had a virtual play date in the past week.


of parents find the amount of resources being shared online to be overwhelming.

Top sources of Information for supporting children

My child's teachers


Parenting websites



Friends & Relatives

A more structured schoolwork routine.

We are running into roadblock after roadblock looking for options to keep my husband out of harms way and keep our family safe physically and financially (and emotionally!).

We asked parents what types of support they wish they had...

I don't even know.

I wish I knew of a good way for my son to socialize safely.

I wish I had ways to make my kids more independent so they could do more activities and play on their own.

It would be helpful for teachers to give personalized goals for the student to focus on.

To help parents feel supported and less overwhelmed, schools can...

...share fewer, high-quality resources rather than overburdening parents with information that they have to sort through.

...focus on communicating clear, concise guidelines for how parents can support their children's learning.

How are families adjusting to at-home learning?
How are parents coping psychologically?




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