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Parent Groups



We offer workshops for schools, parent groups, and workplaces. In each workshop, we provide evidence-based strategies that address parents' and teachers' most pressing concerns about their children's development. How can caregivers use children's literature as a tool for addressing trauma? How can parents support children's social emotional development at home? How can caregivers prepare children as schools reopen? 


We approach each session with the rigor that we would a university course. Every strategy we provide is grounded in high-quality research. 

We distill research into concrete strategies that parents and teachers will immediately be able to apply at home and in the classroom. 



Dr. O'Connor has trained over 900 teachers as the Director of the Early Childhood Education Program at New York University.

We can design a workshop to fit your needs.

Scientific Mommy has wonderful resources and research that supports parent and educators in connecting to children in understanding brain development and importance of developing healthy attachments between very young children and adults.

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