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Parent support survey: 

tracking Parents' experiences with covid-19

About the Survey

We've designed a survey to track how parents are handling the pressures of COVID-19. Insights from the survey may help communities and school districts as they consider how to best address parents’ needs.


Parents have been sharing their individual experiences with COVID-19, and there have been broad surveys of the population’s experiences so far. There is a clear gap that we would like to fill. There hasn’t been a systematic, data driven representation of parents’ experiences. By zooming out and surveying a large sample of families, we would be able to hear parents’ voices on a larger scale. Do they feel supported by their child’s school system? What resources are they using? Where are they turning to for support? These are the types of questions that this survey addresses.

We are going to share the results publicly as we analyze them so that our communities can adapt to the changing needs of families. Please share the survey link with fellow parents. The more responses we have, the more meaningful the results.

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