How are parents coping with the financial and emotional strain on their family?


of parents said that their family was fighting more than usual.


of parents feel that having their kids at home is taking a toll on their mental health.


of parents have lost their job.


of parents said their children are more anxious than usual.


of parents believe that talking to their kids about COVID-19 is good for their well-being.


of parents wish they had more time alone.

The larger a word appears, the more frequently parents mentioned it.

I have worked really hard to separate my work life from home life.

This experience has been challenging to the core.

The slower pace is actually good for children

 I feel like I do not have enough time in the day to both be a good employee and a good parent.

I have been able to put my kids to bed which I usually can't do because I work nights.

Support Networks... 

...provide essential guidance for parents as they wade through seemingly endless amounts of advice and at-home learning resources online.

...enable parents to manage their mental health, the adjustment to at-home learning, and mitigate the risk of quarantine negatively affecting their careers. 

How can schools help parents feel supported and less overwhelmed?
How are families adjusting to at-home learning?
Over the course of the pandemic, fewer parents feel like they have a support network.
Those who feel having their kids at home is taking a toll on their mental health are even less likely to feel they have a support network.

Percentage of parents who feel they have a support network


Do parents feel that having their kids at home is negatively impacting their own mental health?






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