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Megan Sullivan

Co-Founder of The Local Mom's Network

About Megan

Megan Sullivan is a Mom, wife and the Co-Founder of The Local Moms Network.  As Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, she heads the strategic partnership initiatives and operations. Went to Indiana University (where she met her husband), and spent over 10 years in financial services, most previously Managing Director of Investor Relations & Marketing at a Hedge Fund in New York City. 

Megan has three, young energetic boys (6, 4, 3), one large dog and lives in Greenwich, CT. 

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Megan practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that she looks at how all areas of your life are connected. 

Nothing makes her happier than being healthy, feeling good and being able to share these practices with others.  

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How did The Local Moms Network get started, and how has it evolved since its founding? 


The Local Moms Network, and our team came together at different points when we all needed additional resources that we could not find in one place. We saw a need and started our first site, Within a few months we had other parents reach out in neighboring communities asking how they could get a site in their town. Fast forward to today we have over 100 sites in almost 30 states.  The common thread that we were unified on was parenting, motherhood and life in the suburbs.

Committed to Giving Moms the Gift of Time, The Local Moms Network was founded to deliver hyper-local resources and community connections to moms in suburbs across the country.  Our first location was launched in Greenwich, CT over 3 years ago.

The Local Moms Network is 100% created for moms by moms and provides a user-friendly connection in local communities via online content features and comprehensive resources, social media engagement, community inclusive event monthly newsletters and time-saving guides.  We have provided over a hundred talented women entrepreneurial opportunities to join our growing team and launch their own business in their communities. We believe wholeheartedly in providing moms opportunities to work from home and around their kid’s schedules.

How have you discussed COVID with your children? 


We have discussed COVID on many different levels. At first it was a very tough conversation that was high-level. As the new reality and normal has set in we have opened up and talked in-depth about COVID, why it is happening, what the outcomes are and why we as a family are doing what they are doing.

Kids are like sponges and instead of making them scared by hearing the news and other conversations we took the approach to be open.
  1. Practice more gratitude

  2. Mindful eating

  3. Saying "no" when it does not feel right

  4. Wellness as a priority - including self care

  5. Practice conscious parenting

  6. Listen more

  7. Lose the negativity

  8. Exercise self love

  9. Spend more time with the people I love

  10. Eat food that makes my body feel good

  11. Be present in my surroundings

  12. Spend more time outdoors

  13. More music and less noise/T.V.

  14. More flexibility and less rigidity

  15. Drink more water

  16. Practice daily meditation

  17. Be a joyful mom

  18. Try to feel peaceful, grounded and centered by the end of each day

  19. Read more books

  20. Journal more


Daily Intentions

What have you found the most challenging in regards to balancing family and work during this time?

The Local Moms Network is at a pivitol point right now, we are in the midst of raising our first round of funding. Between fundraising and managing and growing the business, I am not sure I have ever been busier with work. Then you layer on homeschooling, cleaning, cooking and being home - it has been challenging. What has been the most helpful is having a schedule. Having a time to work, time with the kids, time to myself. 

Have you been able to engage in self care during this time?

I am fortunate to have other support at home that can give me a break during the day. I am a huge advocate for self-care. Each day I am working on intentions to help navigate the day. I think its important to have at least one hour of day for movement, healthy eating and alone time. I need this.  I actually wrote a whole post about this here. I never thought we would be in a world of isolation and crisis, but here we are for at least another 30 days. 

Create Your Space


Have a space for working out, working and quiet time. By having a space where you feel comfortable it will help you decompress.



Start your day with daily movement, even if it is 15 minutes, get up and move. Working out and getting fresh air are both generally good for increasing your immune system and overall well-being. If you can get outside and get some much needed vitamin D.

Stay Connected


Although we are practicing social distancing, it is important to stay connected with friends and family. The CDC suggests talking with people you love and trust about how you’re feeling to help you cope with stress and, in turn, deepen your friendships and strengthen your community. Write a letter to a friend, send a text, schedule a zoom cocktail party. 

Get Organized


This is the perfect time to tackle in home organizing projects, computer de-cluttering, updating address books and spring cleaning.



Because we all have so much free time (away from kids' homeschooling, parenting, "wifing", etc), this is a good time to start a new book, practicing new cooking techniques, or learn a new language. 

Give Yourself Time


Its okay to feel scared, uncomfortable, lost, lonely, sad and mad. We have never been in a time like this. Reach out to a friend, practice self care and self love. Here are some ways to navigate anxiety and stress:

  • Acknowledge your feelings

  • Exercise and fresh air

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Write down your emotions/journal

  • Visualize something inspiring

  • Stop negative thinking patterns

  • Practice self-love and self-compassion

Set Daily Boundaries

I love planning for the week on Saturdays. I am a firm believer that the week starts on Sunday. By planning your week with workouts, meals, and self care, you are able to carve out the time you need. Below is what I print out weekly to keep me on track, now more than ever it has been so helpful!
megan sullivan meal plan.jpg
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