How are parents adjusting to at-home learning?


of children's teachers sent parents resources for at home learning.


of parents said that homeschooling was a burden for them.


of parents have found online resources for

at-home learning.


of families have tablets or laptops for everyone to use at the same time.


of children have participated in an online class in the past week.


of children complete their homework without parent supervision.

How long are families spending each day on at-home learning?
How does the amount of time families spend on homeschooling vary across states?

I get frustrated easily when my kids don’t know what they are doing

I'm disappointed my daughter will not be able to see her favorite teacher again.

The added demands to learn remotely have been very hard for my our whole family.

I wish the schools had clear procedures in place because the standards are unclear. 

We are worried about my husband's potential exposure to COVID and my high risk pregnancy. 

How can schools help parents feel supported and less overwhelmed?
How are parents coping psychologically?




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